Russian Mani & Pedi


A Russian manicure, also known as a dry European manicure, is a nail treatment technique that is meticulous and precise approach to nail care. The emphasis is on proper cuticle care & nail shape by using specific e-file bits. The nail technician pays extra attention to detail, creating a smooth and clean look. The natural nail is strengthened with a hard gel overlay, choice of any gel color, shape & length. The Russian manicure enhances the natural beauty of the nails, and creates a long-lasting manicure. Never have to remove it, no soaking and no acetone. Lasts up to 5 weeks, depending on preference, nail growth, the health of the natural nail & then re-filled.

Overlay & Fill $85

First time sculpted extentions to the natural nails with overlay: $110

*Please book a removal of existing material, if it is anything other than hard gel, design, long length, nail repairs, as additional time is needed. No design is too hard for our technicians, so feel free to show inspirational design ideas.Foreign Fills are only accepted within a resonable time & will be decided by the technician


The European dry pedicure uses a dry smart system with e-file disposable disks, that will leave your feet baby soft and smooth. The technician will trim, cut & shape of toenails, cuticles, and work on areas that need special attention. A lighted canle is melted into a warm wax oil that is massaged into the skin, sealing the feet with a 5 min. massage. $80


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