All of our pedicures are focused on the care and beatification of the the feet & toenails. All include soaking, nail trim, nail shape, cuticle care, exfoliation, moisturizing, massaging, and if desired regular nail polish is applied.

Some include longer massage time, paraffin wax, extensive cuticle care, etc. $50-$90 Gel Addition: $10


Healing Customized Pedicure

This healing pedicure addresses any foot related issue and provides therapeutic benefits. by targeting specific concerns and incorporating specialized techniques and products, this type of pedicure can promot relaxation, improve feet health, enhance over comfort, and have a polished look. A technician will consult, discuss issues such as: dry skin, calluses, cracked heels, etc. They will work with you on a treatment plan.

*Please note that additional costs might incude any ad ons such as removal, design, toe overlay, customized requests, extra massage, etc. Add these when you book your services, as additional time is needed for ad ons.


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