A technique that ivolves dipping the nails into colored powder to achieve a durable lasting finish to the nail. $40 Please book a removal $7, if needed, as additional time is needed



A nail extention system that applies a pre-made gel tip that is adhered to the natural nails using gel products. They are known for feeling lightweight and have a natural looking appearance. Full Set $85 Fill (within 3 weeks) $60 Foreign Fills are only accepted within a resonable time & will be decided by the technician Please book a removal of existing material if it is anything other than gel X + optional design as additional time is needed



Sets are formed with liquid monomer & acrylic powder. It is shaped, molded and hardens over the natural nails. This is great for those who desire longer and durable nails. Can be customized to any length, shape, design, & color. Full Set: 50 Fill: 40 *We do not accept foreign fills, as we have seen many mma products used that are banned by the FDA. Please book a full removal. $12



Classic Wet Manicure with no polish: $35,
Classic dry Russian Manicure with no polish: $45
Regular Polish add on: $5
Kids Manicure: $10+

*Please note that additional costs might incude any ad ons such as removal, design, long length, tips, customized requests, etc. Add these when you book your services, as additional time is needed.
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