Eyelash extentions are a great way to give your natural lashes a more fuller look without have to wear mascara. Extentions enhance tthe length, thickness and curl of natural eyelashes. They are durable, lightweight and have a natural look. We use a high quality glue & FauxMink lash extentions that are cruelty free. Our highly trained stylist will consult & creat a customized look for you. We are different than the average lash salon becuase we make sure your are extra full & you can change it up whenever you like. After care is very importance and provide you a complimentary starter kit with everything you need to maintain healthy lashes. Call to book a complimentary consulation with our lash stylist.

Classic Sets

A full set, where one single eyelash extention is applied on top of one natural eyelash. This creates a natural, a more defined look.
Fill: $90


Hybrid Sets

A full set, that alternates one single eyelash extention with 2 extentions on one natural eyelash. This set fuller than the classic but just gives the lashes volume and opens the eyes.


Volume Sets

A full set, where the look is more dramatic and very full, where 2+ lash extentions are applied to one natrural eyelash. 

Mega Volume

A full set, where the look is extremly volumized & super full. Our lash stylist apply 2-5 lash extentions on one naural eyelash. 


*Regular Touches are recommended  bi-weekly to be considered as a fill. Going longer that 15 days will be considered a three week fill. Anything past three weeks is considered a full set. 

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